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One of the most difficult challenges that teachers and parents face is getting teenagers to do their homework. A common complaint with high school students is the fact that they do not have enough time to do their homework. In the year 2000 American students are holding down more jobs, taking on more household responsibilities, and participating in a greater amount of extracurricular activities than any other generation of American students. (Homework: Time To Turn It In?). As more and more distractions are made available to the American teenager, it is imperative that today’s students are aware of the importance of doing their homework. Homework is a necessary component of every successful student’s education. By doing homework, a…show more content…

With the usage of homework as a practice forum for students, education experts recommend that secondary students should spend two hours per night on homework (Do You Have Too Much Homework?).
     By becoming more independent learners through homework, the average students will demonstration an improvement in their grades. Students that habitually do their homework can expect to have greater test scores and also higher class grades. (Homework: Time To Turn It In?). This is because students are taking time to develop their understanding of skills and concepts through practice and self-understanding. However, not only will students’ grades and test scores increase, but in a 1996 United States Department of Education survey it was found that, “Students who read eleven or more pages each day for school or homework have higher average reading proficiency scores than those who read less than five pages a day” (Research: Literacy Facts and Figures).
     As students’ grades, test scores, and proficiency scores increase, their chances of graduating with a high school diploma and continuing their educational career also increase. With more education, students have a greater chance of securing a more stable and higher paying job than those students that either drop out of high school or only earn a high school diploma. According to United States Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is

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Success is everybody’s dream. But what is the key to success? How can you be successful? In my post about defining successful people, I wrote that we should measure success based on how much we give rather than how much we receive. Fortunately, it also works nicely the other way around since those who give more almost always will also receive more.

Based on that, you can see that the more value you give to others, the more successful you will be. So how do you pave your way to success? How do you become more successful? The answer is amazingly simple. Here it is:

The key to success is making yourself as useful as possible to others.

That’s it. Making yourself as useful as possible to others.

If you focus on applying this, others will realize the value they get from you and they will attract more people to come to you. These new people will also realize the value they get from you and they will attract even more people to come to you. The virtuous cycle begins and you are now on your way to success.

With this principle in mind, you should aim at increasing your usefulness to others. How do you do that? Here are some ideas:

  1. Be observant of needs
    To be useful to others, you should always be aware of even the slightest clues of needs. The more sensitive you are to the needs of others, the more appreciative people will eventually become. The best scenario is being able to anticipate a need before the other people are even aware of it.
  2. Find solutions to the needs
    Now that you are aware of needs, the next step is finding solutions to them. The solutions you offer should be as useful as possible. To be able to do so, there is no other way but to continuously build your own value. It is from the value you have that you could give value to others.
  3. Be proactive to help
    Do not wait for the other person to ask for your help. Be proactive. Give your help even before they ask.
  4. Be sincere
    What matters is not only the solution you offer, but also the way you deliver it. Being sincere means being glad to help others without expecting anything in return. Make it your joy to give something to others. People can somehow distinguish whether or not you are sincere.
  5. Go the extra mile
    Doing the above four steps is good, but add this one if you can: give more than expected. First, give what is expected, and then add a little more. If you do the above four steps people will be appreciative, but if you add this one step they will be impressed.
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